Study book Hebrew in Six Days

Studieboek Hebreeuws in Zes Dagen
€ 29,50 each

Biblical thinking and the Hebrew language are inseparable. That is why it is good and surprisingly nice to know more about that wonderful Source Language. After only six lessons you can do Bible word study independently with the help of a concordance.
This edition of the study house - Hebrew "in Six Days" - is more than a language course, this course is not only easily accessible, but also has its own methodology with the aim of making the Hebrew language accessible to young and old.
Knowledge of Hebrew provides access to the Source text of the Bible and thereby promotes man's empowerment.
With this richly illustrated course book you will get to know the basis for independent word study, which is indispensable for anyone who wants to delve into the Bible. On the basis of a letter story about the three exodus - a story that also symbolizes the growth process of every believer - you will be taken on a journey through all 22 Hebrew letters. In addition, the course focuses on learning to spell word stems with the aim of independent Bible word study in order to become a fully-fledged Bible student.

The Aleph course 'Hebrew in Six Days is unique in the Netherlands and Belgium and has been published in book form with many exercises and beautifully illustrated. A4 format, 192 pages.


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