Rates for stays and trips


Come and stay in our beautiful and quiet apartment in Na’ale. Watch our video to see what it looks like. Below you will find our rates for a stay and/or an outing:

A stay for less than a week in our apartment costs for one person 120 * USD per night. For two people it costs 140* USD per night and for three or four people it costs 160* USD per night, you then use the sofa bed in the living room for two people. This includes a simple breakfast.

If you stay seven days or more in our apartment, the price is 100* USD per night for one person 120* USD per night for two people or 140* USD per night for three or four people.

If there are more than four persons, we can also rent two double rooms in our own house ** We can thus accommodate up to six adults and two children, with the children using the sofa bed in the apartment.

The two extra rooms cost each 80* USD per night for two people if you stay with us for less than a week and 60* USD per night for two people if you stay with us for seven days or more. In the event that one of these extra rooms is used by one person, they will pay 60* USD per night for less than a week and 45* USD per night for more than seven days.

We can offer a three-course dinner for 10 USD per person on some days during your stay. There is also a supermarket in our village where you can buy the daily necessities and there is a good pizzeria.

Would you like to spend a day with us? This costs 120 USD per half day and includes transportation, lunch and refreshments with coffee / tea, but excluding any entrance fees to museums or attractions. This is not possible every day of your stay, but ask us  in advance what is possible with us.

*These are guide prices that fluctuate with the exchange rate of the shekel. We assumed exchange rate USD/NIS 3.24.

**It is not possible to rent a room in our own house, separate from the apartment, these rooms are only rented extra when renting the apartment when you are with more than four people.

*** Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***